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I am indeed Daddy’s Little Girl! Yesterday he got me all dressed up in a very fancy dress before heading out to church. But once we arrived at church, all the boys were very impressed by what I was wearing. And that made daddy immensely angered and somewhat jealous.

He did not like the boys pay attention to me and quickly came over to me as I was talking to them. He said we had to leave now! Mommy tried to stop Daddy, “why are we leaving now,” she asked him? “We just got here. The preacher has not even gotten on stage”. He got furious “we will leave now; I don’t like those boys coming onto my young girl it’s not going to happen here. So, we all got into the car and drove home. Once we got into the house, mommy went to take a shower.


Daddy grabbed a cocktail and sat me down on his lap. “Sweetheart, I just worry about you are getting with those terrible bratty boys you’re my little sweetheart and always will be!” “Oh, Daddy, thank you, I love you, and you’ll always be my number one, you know that, Daddy!” “I know you say that, but will I always be yours forever?” “I don’t know Daddy, I suppose!” Daddy lifted me from the chair and went in to see my mother. Then he entered my room about an hour later, “your mother is not feeling well, I gave her med, and she fell fast asleep. Sweetie, I want to teach you something” “What’s that, daddy,” I asked, “what it’s like to be with a man.”


“Daddy, are you going to teach me?” “Yes, sweetheart, I will teach you!” I got petrified. I was shaken up he started to strip me naked “Oh Daddy, I don’t know about this, this isn’t right” He Strip me down and began sucking and kiss me everywhere on my beast sucking and my pussy!

“Daddy, what will Mommy say?” “Mommy never has to know my sweet I’m going to teach you what it’s like to be with a man, the only man you should ever be with, and that is me, your father! I brought you into this world, and I can bring you out unless you obey me! Let me fuck you for the very first time, I sweet girl!” Daddy daughter fantasy that’s incest that I so love.