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Princess dress up; Daddy daughter fun time is the bestest! My Father gets me all giggly when he buys me new toys!! See I am daddies favorite toy!! When he wants to play, we play for bunches of time!

When I was a little bitty girlie daddy saw my lil cookie and fell in love with it! Ever since then I have had dad tied around my little finger! Well not so much my finger but my feet, and toes, and long hair,  and blue eyes. Papi loves my sexy little girl body too.

Princess dress up fun today with daddy we are doing in the playhouse so mommy can not see!

Since school is finally out, while mommy is at work I have been daddies model. Daddy orders me the best clothes to try on and wear for him. See I am a glamour model and daddy shows other men  like him my pictures, in his fantasies. My father can not get hard for my mom anymore.

Not since this little bratty girl became a young cock tease! Daddy knows he can not give my cock  away to anyone, and he has to be super special good to get me.

I love being the one he wants more than Mommy!!

We do not need mom in our life for anything other than aesthetics, so she can have sex with whoever she wants too!! Between you and me, my daddy is so addicted to my lil hard rock candy tushy he will do everything I say. Men like daddy need tight girlies that love special lollipops. Pop pop is what I call it, and I like teasing it with my tiny teen booty. In my pigtails and cotton candy school skirt I can get anything I want from dad!!

Being naughty turns daddy on so much, so sometimes I invite a girl home from school and we all play. If it was not for me daddy would be such a loser and have no  sex life. Lucky for him I like being his naughty Princess dress up; Father daughter girlfriend.



If I’m not around email me for a call: