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Daddy's girl

Bubble gum and sugar plums, Daddy’s girl is a true delight. I’m Trina, and the day you meet me is the day you will never forget. My voice drips honey with each word spoken. I’ve tried to be good, but hell is for children and I’m ready to play.

Since a tender age, I watched and learned from my older sister. She is two years older than me, and she knows everything about being bad. Lucky for me she used me as her prodigy for sin. I do love my sister, but there is only one little miss cutie pie in this house.

Blondes have more fun, and when they are barely legal, it’s the cherry on top. I learned how to give handjobs first. My sister forced me into jacking off her boyfriend. She called it hand to man practice. A little spit shines and he was good as new. That was the day I learned I could make a man do anything I wanted with a stroke of my hand. Little Trina is a masturbation dream girl.

Daddy’s girl is wet and wild.

My voice will melt you in all the right places. Who needs candy when you can have me. Sexy, sultry, and satisfying. That’s what the principal at my middle school said. I had already been jacking off men for years when I gave him my first blowjob. Threatened with summer school, my mouth conned my way out. The view from my knees was something that I will never forget. His cock was perfect for a little cock sucking princess like me.

Guess what happened next? He was the sugar daddy to a new little Lolita. I open my hand, and Daddy puts the money inside. She can’t get enough when he takes me shopping, or when I am sitting on his lap with the browser open to all the stores I love. I was the best-dressed girl in middle school and the only one who had a car already waiting for her. My parents thought I won a contest at school, but little did they know I won, but there was no contest. I won on my oral exam.

Daddy loves a naughty little girl.

High school was so much more fun with me in it. Every school had that one girl. The sure thing. That was me, but there was one condition on it. You had to be over 30, and your bank account in the triple digits. I’m a little gold digger, and proud of it. No poor men need to apply. I have habits that cost way too much money for a fast food worker. We can save them for all the fat girls in school. High school is where I lost my virginity. I had to wait for the right man to come alone. My best friends father was the one I offer it up to first.

I am all Sugar Baby now!

A half a million dollar home, a car worth more than most make in a year, and he wasn’t bad looking either. I knew the old man would finish quickly with a hot girl’s gone wild teen wrapped around his dick. I spent my Sophomore summer vacation with his family in Hawaii. The second night there, I drank too much and ended up with a fifty-year-old cock deep inside of me. The deal sealed in my virgin blood, I made sure to take pictures of before and after. You can’t blame a girl for a little blackmail between friends. Plus, the college would be so much easier with him paying for it. I am in a 4-year college, and his daughter only in a two. Sorry hun, money first, friends second.

Daddy always knows what’s best for his little girl. In the Fall when I attend college for the first time, he will be the one taking me. My Daddy. I’ve been planning this for years now. That will be the first time he finds out what a good fuck toy his Daddy’s little girl is. All his friends already know, so time for him to pad my bank account with all his little incest fantasy sins. College is going to rock! Email me @