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I would say I always have been the best little daughter my parents could ask for. I was the only little for a long time before my sister came into the picture. Before that daddy and mommy would always give me attention. But sometimes I would get lonely and seek out some fun for myself. We had a family doggy named biggie. It was because he was a Great Dane. That’s when I started being the problem daughter. I couldn’t help I love that big doggy knot.

You heard me, right baby, I fucking love getting on all fours and taken by my 100-pound doggy! He started to become my favorite playmate. One day I was in my room on my back with my little legs spread. My pink pussy was out and biggie was between them, lapping up my sweet little cunt. My daddy walked in and was so ashamed of his perfect daughter.
You see me and daddy used to play but then he got busy and I never stopped being a little slut, so I needed to find another playmate. And biggie was perfect he was always down for some naughty fun. So know daddy would always put biggie up for bed and I would sneak downstairs and let him go. And we would run upstairs to get our kinky fun on.

I am the perfect daughter.

He was always so ready, red rocket out! It made my cunt so wet to see his big doggy knot sticking out, and I just wrapped my lips around it. I would suck it until I felt that gooey sticky stuff come out. And he would mount me from behind and fuck me so good. Feeling his cock go in and out of my young teen pussy made me squirt. I wasn’t always the perfect daughter but who can blame me.
He would dig his long sharp nails into my back, and I would just moan so loud! It felt so good to fuck his huge knot, and I would never want to stop. He would growl and bark when it came close to shooting his load. That’s really when daddy would his daughter beg and scream for that fat cum load.
And biggie would fill me tight up! He came so much it would be squirting out of my pussy after he’s done. I fucking love being a naughty little slut daughter.