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DD/dlg is my favorite request for a reason. I do this all the time at home. My own Daddy is my Dominate and always has been. He is such a strong-willed man, and I love to make him punish me.

“Daddy, I put on your favorite outfit today. The one you left on my bed. Short babydoll socks, a small white skirt, and that soft as a pussy pink blouse. I know how hard I make you when I dress for your cock,” I giggle, my fingers making grabby hands for my Daddy.

He never can resist me when I act as his personal little whore. My mother stopped caring years ago. Plus, we both know where his heart is. Always the pervert, he loves when I am his personal playground of sins and desires. I love it when my dd/dlg daddy calls me filth and tells me how my body was only created for him, and him alone. That I will never have a man of my own. I am sure sin and he is the keeper of my salacious soul.

DD/dlg is my daddy desires.

Parading around the room, his friends invited this time. Usually, it’s only him, but he is introducing men to the DD/dlg lifestyle via his own little girl. I giggle, cry, beg, and weep, all for their ears only. For a sick and twisted man, my sounds are pure indulgence. Like the piper of lust, I bring them all to their knees and ready to play. Of course, not with me. I am only the bait that brings them to their new lives. I have created man sinners in the past, but you, well you are my favorite one. Ready for that secret call? I’ve been waiting all my life for you, Daddy.