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DD/lg fantasy is unspoken to most, but to me, nothing gets me off harder. Closing my eyes, I can still smell his scent lingering from the shower he took before work. I have a crush on my Daddy.

The moment he leaves in the morning, I grab my Fathers shirt and slip it on. He always smells so good. Snuggled back in my bed, the memories of seeing him naked for the first time rush back. Daddy is about 6 ft tall, and well, I’m 5 feet of short shit. I love the difference in our size. It makes my pink spot wet every time my thought go back to him.
Rolling around in the bed, grabbing the phone, I knew he would be driving to work. I needed his voice.
“Daddy. I miss you. I, well, I’m touching your cookie Daddy. Putting my fingers down in my panties and rubbing that sweet spot. I know you said never without you, so that’s why I called. Mmm Papi, my pussy is so wet for you. Wanna see?”
I took a picture of my wet pussy and sent it via text message to my Father. I know that might be a little dirty and risky, but it was worth it. He pulled to the side of the road to make me cum.

DD/lg is my most favorite fantasy!

“Oh god, my cookie is so wet Daddy. I got two fingers inside of me. Remember when you put two inside of me and forced me to cum? I still remember how wet the sheets got from me. You said Mama would smell me in your room. I wanted her to.”
A dirty little girl knows how to get to her Father. I came so hard to my Pops beating off in the car. I told him to save the cum for me, but he said he would give me fresh jizz when he got home. I faked sick that day, but my need for DD/lg is so strong these days. It’s an addiction I can break.