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I am a bad babysitter who loves to make perverted fantasies come alive. I am a dirty companion with a passion for filth. One single dad that I watch for. He showed me something the other day that put an odd smile on my face. He told me not to tell a soul. We walk through a hall to a room he says is soundproof. He has a homemade dungeon. It has a table with stirrups and straps to tie down. All kinds of tools and a camera for streaming.

For anyone who is as sick as him, this is a paradise.

He has it set up so he can stream on his phone from the room. He leaves me to his prized possession. I go into her room which gets decorated with little princesses. The wall is pink and everything smells like a vanilla cupcake. I put her pretty strawberry blond hair in pigtails. Ribbons that wrap around and touch her shoulders. This is my favorite guy I am a naughty babysitter for. He texts me that he has the camera ready and he wants us to stream. Putting her cropped tank and little cotton panties on her.

I guide her to the room. I see her shudder and I put my hand on her back to reassure her. We walk in and I put her up on the table. Her legs up in the stirrups and they spread to the point it looks like her legs are going to break. She is shaking and I take the knife and run it along her thighs before I cut those panties off. I get a text from daddy that says how he loves looking at his daughter’s bald pink pussy.

Are you one of those guys who needs a deviant babysitter?

Instructing her to reach down and play with that little cookie. I make my way up and holding her face in my hand. I kiss her lips soft and then open them with my big wet tongue. She is still shaking and I let her know it’s okay. We want to make daddy happy. He is jacking off watching his little kitten and her milky soft skin. He enjoys the fact she feels scared. I want to finish this fantasy with a naughty wicked pervert. Call me tonight and let’s get it going.