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deviant mommy

My hands begin to shake as I pull into the Motel parking lot. Ever since I answered your ad seeking a Deviant Mommy, I have been fantasizing about this evening.

Parking, I exit my Honda, opening the backseat to get my daughter out of the car. I have dressed her in her favorite princess dress, complete with pigtails and a tiny pink thong. We walked up the stairs and to the room at the very end of the hallway, where you instructed us to meet. I do the special knock we planned and the door immediately opens. The grin on your face makes me chuckle, and the tent in your pants confirm your excitement.

Deviant Mommy has a fantasy.

Less than twenty minutes later, all three of us sit nude on the bed. Hannah jumping up and down between us. You stroke your dick, your eyes fixated on the curve of her bottom and the bald slit between her legs. You encourage me to play with my pussy as I observe. I watch as you lift one hand up, pulling my virgin youngest into your lap. She giggles as you sit her on her lap.

You place her so your dick is pushing up between her legs, making her face her Deviant Mommy.

You grab hold of both her little hands, wrapping them around your throbbing member. Watching is far more erotic than I could have imagined. Sitting back, I plunge two fingers into my pussy! I admire as you wiggle around, rubbing your dick against her private parts. You suck a finger into your mouth, drooling on it until it’s soaked. Reaching down, you run the tip of your finger up and down her puffy cunt lips. Her perfect clit pokes its head out, wanting to play as well! You pinch the sensitive skin and she squeals, making pre-cum drip out of your dick and onto her tummy. Her Deviant Mommy watching as you molest her body.

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