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Dirty Mommy

Are you in the mood to play with a super Dirty Mommy tonight? I know you are such a naughty one, always thinking about kinky incest fantasies we can play out over phone sex. Our filthy minds is something that we have in common. Do you think I should get my hot, teen daughter all dressed up in something perfect for a tiny whore? Then we can have all the fun with her that we please!

To start, I will dress her up in something super slutty. I can let her borrow some of my whore clothes that are way too grown up for such a barely legal girl like herself. This dirty mommy has a closet full of fantasies. A small mini skirt, letting her perfect buns hang out, and a crop top. Aren’t I such a dirty mommy for lending her one of my thongs, helping her pull it up between her perfect ass cheeks? God, she looks so fucking sexy! As good as I did when I was her age. I complete her look with some pigtails, the innocent hairdo a stark contrast from her outfit. Now, the real fun can begin.

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I will take her downtown to that nasty mall where all the perverts like to hang out. Let’s give them some brand new sexy young meat. They love to prey on the tiny cunts that come through, always dressed like teen whores ready for a gang bang! I find a seat in the corner and watch her work her magic, pulling out every trick her dirty mommy has taught her.

She buys an ice cream and sits on a bench, licking the treat with greed. Her hot pink tongue darting out to scoop up the dripping white stuff. She allows some of it to drip down her chin, and it looks like she has been eating some sticky cum! In no time, several men are stopping and staring, bulges appearing in their pants. Are any of them going to have the balls to walk up to my little princess? Of course, they would have no idea that her dirty mommy was sitting yards away, watching the whole scene.

After a while, one of them finally goes to sit next to her. I strain to overhear him compliment her big girl outfit, saying how delicious she looks. He places a hand on her small knee, and we know this is the one we should invite back home. Do you think he will be okay with allowing a dirty mommy to watch him fuck her little daughter? Call now for some dirty mommy and daughter phone sex and tell me what you would do!