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sex stories

I have so many dirty sex stories I can share with you. I fucking love have nasty fucking sex where my cunt is full of cum. Both of my holes are always filled with hot steamy thick cum, it feels my panties. And since I’m such a nasty girl I will eat my cum off my little pink panties. What do you think about that? I want you to get in your hands and knees and make sure you lick my clean baby. 

There are at least 6 guys that have filled me up since yesterday and you’re going to be able to suck all of it out of my pussy. I’m sure you would love that wouldn’t you? You’re going to my little bitch and we are going to make lots of dirty sexy stories together. What I think we should we get a lot of your coworkers together for a fuck fest? You can tell them you have a little slut that would love to have my holes filled up with big hard cock. Does that make your cock squirt with precum?

Do you like dirty sex stories? 

I am used to being a fucking slut and making you be my fucking little cum pig. I want you to be able to eat the cum out of all my holes every time I get back from a sex party. I mean you could come and sit in the corner and jerk your cock but you can’t touch me. I think your not worth being able to touch me, but I will let you look at me and fantasize about fucking me. I know you love hearing my dirty sex stories and how I get filled up to the brim with sweet thick cum . I want to make you squirt with cum and then guess what?

 I am going to make you fucking eat it for me. Do you like that? Well, you’re going to have to, because you’re going to do whatever I say. Say, ” Yes mam, Good boy. Which reminds me you going to be called sissy faggot from know on, and you will answer me when you hear that. Isn’t that right? I want you on your hands and knees ready to serve me, and it would be better if you had some cock waiting for me when I get home. So be a good boy and give me a call and we can play my faggot sissy.