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dirty sex

Dirty sex is sometimes the only way it’s enjoyable. What are some of your filthy confessions? I want to share mine with you. But, you have to be quite perverse. I like to get treated like your own personal cum dumpster. I have a salacious appetite that you can’t tame. Think about fucking me as being with a porn star without the body count. One of my favorite pornstars is someone I like to model after. Doing some of the filthiest things humanly possible. I want someone to fist me and stretch out my little cunt.

How nasty do you like your sex?

Another thing I like to do is peg guys. I have a strap on that some might find to be intimidating. My dildo is 8 inches long and very thick. The veins pop out and it feels real. Think about sucking on that for me as I teach you how to be a dirty cock sucker. This is practice before the real thing. Open up that pretty mouth and let my hand on the back of your head guide you. Swallow it down and swirl your tongue around.

This is the lube you get. I come up behind you and have you look back at me and open those cheeks. I rub the head against your hole which is puckering. Pushing it in as I make you stroke your cock. You have to be hard for me. Grabbing your hips and pounding your ass. Getting you close to the edge of the explosion. I pull out and come back to your face. I want you to suck this clean. Now that is some dirty fucking sex.

Grab your cock. Dirty sex ahead!

Even if you didn’t think you were into that. Or, how about I lay you down on a bed with a sign that says slut for the taking. Keep you tied down with your holes open and ready. I call in many men and some women. They all want to use you for your ass and mouth. This is some dirty sex that you won’t get anywhere else. If you are lucky a woman will sit on your cock and ride you while you are sucking off a cock. They will both you for their pleasure alone. I look forward to playing with you, my toy.