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dirty sex

I’m not sure you guys know but I fucking love dirty sex, and it’s probley not what kind of dirty you are thinking of. I mean of course I fucking love getting dirty with old men, but I love getting actual dirty.

Not sure if you know but all day at school I am holding in my pee and poop, so it can be ready for daddy. I want it ready for daddy to be full of my yummy juices and of course my brown little snacks for you. Do love that daddy? 

I know how much I fucking love it, and my pussy is just dripping wet for you. So get on the ground and let me squat over your face and I want to take a tinkle right in your mouth. How does it taste? Sweet and salty? I hope so daddy I have been holding it in my belly for so long. 

I want you to lick my sweet pink pussy clean. Please make me all clean daddy because I have another dirty sex surprise for you. Can you guess what it is? I bend over on all fours, take both of my hands and spread my ass. Do you see my cute little pink asshole? Well put your mouth right on my sweet hole and so chewing and swallowing. Mhm, you’re such a good daddy. I love how you fucking keep me clean and I know how much it makes your fucking cock rock hard. 

I want to have some nasty dirty sex and I need a daddy to help  me out.

I know how much you love being my toilet little slut, and make sure you keep me all nice and clean. We are going to use what spilled out of my pussy and ass for lube when you fuck me really hard daddy. I fucking love dirty sex and I want you to fuck me as hard as you can. I want you to take your cock and fuck me in my pussy and in my ass just go back and forth. Oh I love you feeling me up with your big hard meat stick, please fuck me daddy. 

If you want some dirty sex I am the perfect little whore for you, and I will do anything you want to do. And any other nasty ideas you have I am super open to it, pretty much anything will make me super fucking horny and wet daddy. Let’s have some fun today!