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Oh, my you will not believe what my dark and dirty Daddy did to me last night! For it was not normal! He has always loved me as his little girl and as his little girl, I’m always Obedient. He loves to wake me up in the middle of the night and bring me my favorite candy or ice cream! He comes and joins me in bed stripping us down naked.

Sometimes he teases me with jokes! I love his jokes for sure it always makes me laugh so much and that really turns him on. But last night was different. I would say he was a bit in a very hardcore mode, and he wanted to be very restrictive on me. Very domination and it really ended up very brutal, to say the least.  But as his precious daughter, I can’t fly away, for what very he wants and needs is mine to give to him. Even if his domination and control over me maybe hurtful and painful.


I reconciled to all his wishes just as he asked.  While he was joking and teasing me, he was undressing me as well pulling down my pretty pink panties forcing me down on the bed very brutally! His hand covered my mouth yelling at me to shut up! Pulled out his cock and forced it deep up inside my pussy! It was brutal. Then he begins slapping me in the face repeatedly.  He had never done that to me before when I started to scream, he told me to shut the fuck you up bratty little bitch! Then pulled me back up to slap me in the face a couple more times! Then took his cock out of my pussy and pushed it deep inside my mouth forcing it deep down! It was a Domination Bitch Fit!

Once it was over, he told me what a bad day he had had and how terrible he was feeling. I understood completely! That we are in very crazy times and my pleasure was to fulfill his needs which I did, and I was so happy to have done so. If you need, cum get some stress off, us Ladies love to help!