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castration fetish
I find myself dabbling in a castration fantasy. This is a little morbid but turns me on. I want to find someone unsuspecting. Lull him into a false sense of security. Most men like to think of me as naive and I play into that for them. I stumbled across this watching a movie the other night. I have also heard about it from the leather community. Dressing in a cute outfit and letting them think they are safe. I want to take it a step further and also torture the cock.

Video recording this process is humiliating.

I have a set of sounds. Not wanting to start small but go big or go home. I want to tie my victim to a table. The room will be white and set up with mirrors around. I want him to watch when the act goes into place. I won’t spike his drink or give him anything for pain. Not much research gets put into my castration fetish. Wanting to see those balls after I cut them out. This fetish is nice if you have anger take it out on the sack.
The subject is a naked sprawled out on the table. Tie his hands with zip ties and then duct tape. There is no way he can escape this. Some soft music in the background. Like elevator music kind of welcoming you to hell. My Exacto knife and jar to put the balls into. Making him stare in mirrors. He is pathetic those tears are crocodile tears. I want the area to be sterile and me giggling. This funny going to be taking away the precious wang of some loser.

Have you found yourself curious about a castration fetish?

I put my apron on. Don’t want to get blood everywhere. Putting a thick sound in his cock. He screams and my pussy twitches. Cutting his sack open is going to give me pleasure beyond belief. Teasing this stupid fuck. Making him think because he can feel it grazing against that it’s happening. A big smirk across my face. I cut into his ball sack and blood is squirting. Pushing deeper and cackling as I force my hand into his sack. The veins and tendons. These balls are squishy. I want to separate them. I pull one out and it is still attached so like and animal I bite it loose.