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For some reason, I am in the mood for a drugged fantasy. The thought of taking someone’s will of choice away. That is doing it for me and pulling me deep.

I often fantasize about these morbid curiosities. One of the sayings that have been coming into my head is “Devil take the hindmost”. That means that people should only look out for their own interests. Leave the ones that can’t cope with whatever fate befalls them. A lot of people have fucked up things that cloud their mind. It’s okay I am right there with you.

In this world, you have to be willing to step on people to get what you want.

Let me paint a picture in your head. It could be that hot coed you desire very much. She is such a cock tease, dressing in that skirt. You know the one that fits her curves. She could have noticed you and bites her bottom lip while tapping that pencil. You know that you as yourself can’t have her. That is where a drugged fantasy comes into play. I don’t want you to mend your broken mind.

We could get her. I have the looks to get what you desire. Being a dirty companion is going to please me. Watching someone fade and come to with that scared look. She wants to break you with desire. Don’t let the bitch. I know how to persuade her to come with me for some makeup looks. Bitches like her are vain. Crush up some Xanax with the long island ice tea. That will make her loopy, show her you aren’t stupid. You are free and are going to take hers. Lull her into a false sense of security.

Escape from that drugged fantasy.

We get her, the drink is taking effect. Something inside me is giggling. Help me get this dumb cunt up on the bed, she is drooling. Time to put makeup on her and look like a doll. Spread her legs, she doesn’t have the strength to move. Kind of knowing what is happening. Not to a total blackout point. What must we do my dear? I want to watch you fuck her as you hate her. A drugged fantasy can be hot beyond your biggest load. Let’s try it tonight.