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Do you know what has got me hot and bothered? The thought of me and you having a drugged fantasy. I know I have been a little fucking whore and been teasing you. Walking around showing off my body but being snobby.

You’re going to have to show me a lesson, right? Did I mention you were my teacher, you have been watching me all year. And have been getting more slutty, and you about had enough.
So how I imagine this drugged fantasy is you are going to teach me a lesson. You are going to show me I can’t be a tease and a little slut without putting out.
So it’s graduating time and you should invite me over to your house for a New Years’ party. And I will act like I don’t even wanna go, but you know the slut in me will make me come.
I show up, wearing a tight little dress with no panties underneath of course. You can tell I have no bra on because my hard little nips are poking through my dress.
And you already want to bend me over and fuck me in this drugged fantasy! You want to be balls deep in my throat while I’m begging you to go deeper. So you follow me upstairs where I went up to the bathroom.


Ready to be drugged?

I come out of the bedroom bathroom and there you are sitting on the bed. You surprise me and I say, “ what are you doing up there creeper”. You come over to me and hand me a drink, which has crushed Xanax and other muscle relaxers. I take a couple of huge gulps and sit on the bed with you. Slowly and surely I start to pass out and you know this is your time.
You slide my panties off and see my tiny cunt and it’s bald and I’m so fucking wet. You aren’t surprised my whore cunt is wet and ready. You slide that cock into me and I kinda wake up and freak out.
You wrap your hands around my throat and keep fucking me hard. This drugged fantasy has your cock dripping with precum. You look at my face and you know I am enjoying it. Even when I am drugged out I still want to get fucked.
You cum so hard in my cunt, and I deserve it don’t it? After you shoot your load in my drugged cunt you leave me there with my legs spread. You can see my cum filled pussy dripping. You should leave me there for anyone else who wants to fulfill a there drugged fantasy.