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drugged fantasy

I have been feeling extra fucking freaky lately. I want a drugged fantasy! Doesn’t that sound like the kinkiest fun? My idea was we can get a couple of whores from the bar and fucking drug them up. Make them into our personal sex zombies, I mean I love getting fucked up and using sluts for our pleasure.

So why don’t we start with a couple of shots and some lines? We need to get a little fucked yo ourselves don’t you think? I mean it wouldn’t be any fun if we didn’t take part in the party favors. So let’s take this slut bitch back to the hotel. Everyone wants to join our drugged fantasy
I can get out a tray and layout all the fun drugs we can do. I went then pretty much passed out so we can do whatever we want to them. How hot would it be to undress them and see there sexy naked bodies? That’s so fucking hot using sluts that are super fucked up.

Welcome to my drugged fantasy.

We can do some poppers and go all night long, come on take a fucking shot. I want us to get so messed up we wake up with a bunch of naked whores covered in your cum. Isn’t that hot baby? Our drugged fantasy made us do bad things.
We will look around the bar and pick the sluts who look like they enjoy getting fucked it as we do. Look at them over there, short skirts red noses! Oh yeah, they definitely like what we do and they will be perfect for our drugged fantasy.
I remember when I and you did this the first time it was me and I was your personal sex slave for months. Now I fucking love it and want to play with all the girls and you! I can teach them how to get fucked up and fuck all night long. My drugged fantasy is wild.
Don’t worry they won’t try to get away, I will force some drugs down there whore mouths. They will pass out sooner then later then they will be all ours. Fuck yeah, I want you to have all the tight holes to choose from. Your cock is going to be raw from all the fucking we are about to do.
Those big fat balls of yours are going to be empty and need a break after we have this crazy drugged fantasy role play. Don’t you think? I can already tell you my little pussy is nice and fucking wet thinking about us getting fucked up.