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Do you like edgeplay? Well, guess what you fucking worthless loser, I love it! Hehe, it gets me so wet to see you edge your nice fat cock for me.

I want you to your hands down your pants squirming like a little bitch as I tell you to get your filthy hands off that cock. Be a good boy for Alexis I am trying to make it last for you, so you can shoot a fat thick cum load out of those overly full balls. Believe me, I have your best interest in mind, “giggle”. So come on now, pull that hard meat stick out for me. Tell me how it is throbbing and beg me to touch it. I look down and tell you, you have to beg harder this isn’t how edgeplay works with me. I keep watching you squirm around in your chair and finally, I let you take your one hand and stroke it, while I play with my pink glistening cunt.

Edgeplay keeps you hard.

I can tell you like that, don’t you? Then I immediately stop you and I can see precum just shooting out of that fat mushroom head and I just giggle at you. Awe, does my horny guy wants to stroke his cock? Well, I think you should scoot closer while I rub myself and twirl my clit between my two fingers. Just watch me tease and make you want it more and more. You will never think edgeplay could be like this baby. Just picture me bent over and with a tiny skirt with my ass peek a booing out at you. I bet you fucking like that, don’t you? I am going to reach over and place my little hands right around that shaft and start stroking softly up and down.

How do you like that baby? I bet it feels so fucking good, having a little cum whore have nasty edgeplay with you. So I will let you start stroking, c’mon faster for me. I know you fucking like that I want you to fucking explode for me. I will come over and spit all over your cock and make it sloppy wet. Know it is so fucking dripping wet you can stroke your cock to the mushroom head all the way to the balls. I can see those veins bulging out and your balls throbbing, I know you want to cum. Don’t you babe?