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OMG! The funniest thing ever happened today! I came home from school to find my sister’s boyfriend tied up on the couch with a huge hard cock! They had been having edging phone sex fun, and part of the game is she gets his big cock all hard and then ties him up and leaves! Doesn’t that sound like the most fun game ever?

Being the naughty little teen slut, I am, I couldn’t help but torment him! He’s been staring at my sexy little body ages so what was I supposed to do – just leave him all tied up? Heck no! I dropped my backpack, and wrapped my cute little hand around his cock. *giggles*

He was SO big and hard. He asked me to stop, but I know that he didn’t really want me too. I think he was afraid of what my sister would say! Well, she shouldn’t have left him there for me to find! He was so sexually frustrated that his balls were blue! You should have see how his dick twitched when I took of all my clothes right in front of him!

What Does it Feel Like Living on the Edge? Come get a little Edging. 

I climbed right on top of him, and put my sweet little pussy right on his mouth. He couldn’t move at all, so he had no choice but lick my little clit and get it all swollen while I teased his cock with my tongue. I could feel that he was getting close to shooting his load in my mouth – but that’s not what I wanted. Sliding down his body, I slipped his big, hard cock right inside my tight little snatch! Before he knew what was happening, he had the biggest orgasm ever – shooting his load deep inside me!

This is when I got really naughty! I pushed all that jizz out of my pussy and all over his tummy! Leaving him tied up there for my sister to find – I got dressed and when to tennis practice!

I’m such a naughty girl!  Why don’t you give me a call for hot edging phone sex!  Let’s see how much trouble we can get into?