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You have been looking forward to coming to your Aunt’ house for a whole week before school starts! You guys have been doing this every summer since you were a little chap. Usually, your big sister comes with you, but since she graduated from college in spring, she is busy working. That means you are going to get your favorite relative all to yourself! The mere thought made your cock twitch in anticipation of all the possibilities. After all, she was your very first crush!

Upon arrival, you cannot wait to set your bags down and run into the arms of your favorite Aunt. It is the perfect way to begin your vacation. The feel of her big tits pushing against your chest makes you warm and gives you butterflies. You can’t help but hope that later, she will make some of your favorite kettle corn and let you lay on her bosom. You will have to put on a scary movie as well, so you have an excuse to turn and bury your head in her cleavage if you get scared!

How bad do you want your Aunt?

The next day, things get even more exciting on your visit. The best part of your Aunt’s house is the massive underground pool in her backyard! Both of you decide to go for a dip, since the day is beautiful and sunny. She asks if you can be a good nephew and rub some sun tan lotion all over her body. Your sister usually helps her, but this year, you get to do it all by yourself! As you kneel behind her, you are thankful she is not facing your raging hard on. You damn near cum in your pants when your fingertips touch her sexy bubble butt!

Later that night, you lay in the spare bedroom, unable to keep your mind from racing. You have wanted to shove your barely legal cock inside of your sexy Aunt for years, and this is your chance! Tip toeing to her bedroom, you peak through the cracked door to see her laying on top of the covers. One hand is between her legs, and the other is pinching her left nipple as she wiggles on the bed. She is moaning, sliding two fingers in and out of her wet cunt. What is that she is whimpering? Oh my God, she is saying your name while making herself cum! You push the door open and her eyes jerk open to look at you. “Finally!” she pants.

What happens next between you and your naughty Aunt? Call me now for some family fun phone sex and find out!