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escort fantasy

I wish I had the gall that these girls I see in brothels and working for themself. My escort fantasy wouldn’t have to be that. Money makes me wet. I love the luxurious lifestyle. None of these sugar daddy sites are working for me. I want to make more than enough money to be able to live with a big pool. I want to be the kind of gal that works for myself and only fucks with the elite clientele.

Marketing myself right is the first step.

I went to the mall to do some much-needed shopping. Picking up some cute lingerie, makeup, and outfits. My favorite pair of stockings are black with a polka dot band. Wanting to live out my escort fantasy. In my ads, I put donations and the methods I take. There are ways to make sure no one is law enforcement. Always carry pepper spray with you for protection.

My first client is a multi-millionaire. He has a nice house with a lot of yards. A pretty pool and a hot sports car that will make any girl orgasm. He is older and not my first choice in a mate. When I look at him all I see are dollar signs. He has put 500 in my Paypal to start and I am going to get the rest when we finish. He brings us a glass of bubbly.

This is my escort fantasy that should be real.

I walk with him to the bedroom with the California king bed. Take my heels off and set my handbag down. Seeing on the nightstand the other thousand. I can hear my clam burger getting moist. I get on the bed and treat him to a sloppy blowjob. His clammy hands on my shoulders. He wants to eat me and then pound my cute pussy. I get in the doggy position and he licks from my ass to my pussy. Shoving his tongue in while he strokes his cock.