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Extreme accomplice took me to the park today. These last days of warm weather brought out all the little trinkets of lust. My husband loves when I bring him a gift, and today is his birthday.

Watching as the bus stops and that young mother gets off, the only thing she’s interested in is her phone. I know this because I was once like her. Just pawn them off on someone else and hope and pray for a miracle. This is where being an older woman comes into play. “I’ll watch her. Being a single mom must be hard. Take a break and don’t worry about a thing.” I’m an extreme accomplice who can talk her way into any place I want.

Extreme accomplice seeks nasty deviant.

The moment her eyes are off the target, mine have already stripped her down and presented her to my husband. Who needs to buy a gift when I can steal one? A rag over her mouth, the chemicals inhaled, and in my arms, a ragdoll hangs. Thankfully the car is close and I have on my running shoes. You have to be ready when you claim to be an extreme accomplice.
Daddy loves them dirty, and I love to please. Dressing her like a preteen slut and offering her up for the taking. She will be the newest notch on his bedpost, and I will get all the credit. When he says that he loves me, I know it’s true. I’m his extreme accomplice and his cock cums so hard when I feed him something tender and sweet. There is nothing like watching my husband pump more baby cream into a tight little cunny. I’m not the jealous type, and in fact, I love to share. Come play taboo games with us today.