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Summer is weeks away, and I need to earn extra cash for cheer camp. Extreme age play fantasy pays for my tuition every single summer. So many dirty old men, so little time.

The fundraiser this year was selling selfies. We would all pose with the people wearing only our bikinis. Oh my god, the lines were so long for this. 5 dollars a picture was all it was, but by the end of the day, we were still a few hundred short. That’s when we decided to make sure we have this all the way paid for.

“All you gotta do is take your clothes off. These guys love extreme age play fantasy.”

All men do of course. Some are too scared to admit it. I love the ones who are. All the guys at the end found out the for an extra 50, they could take the pictures with us teens naked. Even the good people who sat in the church on Sunday with their families paid for this. They were the first ones to pull out money and smile for the camera.
I love dirty old Men,
All we had to do was take a picture, but some of us made them deals on the side. My best friend sold her virginity for a grand. She didn’t have to ask for anything that summer. She even had her clothing paid for. Another friend gave a blow job and let me film me. Me, well I did it all, but I filmed it. A little blackmail never hurt anyone.
Mama raised no fools, and Daddy taught me to work hard. When you need something, a girl will do anything she can to make it happen. From selling my panties, to even selling vials of female ejaculation. I love when a Man requests something dirty from me.
Extreme age play fantasy with these men sent the entire squad to camp that summer. Our parents might not have known how we raised the money, but they were happy to not have to pay.