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extreme Coed

Wake up, Daddy. I’m ready for some extreme Coed. Every morning my Father wakes up with morning wood. So lately, I have been making sure to meet him in the bathroom to relieve his pain.

This all started a few months ago when Daddy came out of his room holding a pillow over his dick. I knew right away what was happening. He needed to go piss that beast off. That is the very moment my plan came into play. I had to help the poor man, right?

I pushed the bathroom door open, and was I shocked? I’m stunned! Standing in front of the mirror with my filthy panties to his nose, he jacked off his cock. My very own daddy was inhaling the stench of my pussy and stroking his huge cock. He was enormous. The way his meat rested in his hand had me fingering my little cunny without even knowing.

Extreme Coed in the bathroom with daddy.

He pulled me inside, locking the door behind me. That’s when he compelled me to the floor and pinched my nose till it opened. God damn! He was going to throat fuck his own daughter in the family bathroom. What if I was too loud though?

Well, my father has a plan for everything. He turned the shower on and muffled my moans. I could gag, choke, and beg for air and the only thing someone would hear is running water. My mother was in the kitchen when this all happened. Little did she know I was getting my first breakfast in the bathroom.

Extreme Coed made morning breakfast a little awkward. I didn’t know I had cum on my chin, but my mother made sure to tell me to go wipe my father off my face. Sorta hot that she knows I give her husband blowjobs.