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Certain words make me laugh when they’re used in the wrong context, like “facial“. It doesn’t matter where I am, if another woman talks about going for one, I start laughing. My friends tell me I’m just a 12-year-old boy in a grown woman’s body. They’re not kidding.

Because when someone says that word, all I can think of is getting on my knees. Nothing makes me feel happy like a good old-fashioned face-fucking. The first time that happened, I was so naive. I didn’t know the business end of a dick; I had never been fucked or even given a hand job! But Mr. Takacs, our next door neighbor, was blind, and he liked to have someone read to him. My mother would let any of us who read to him out of doing our chores. So I always made sure to be ready to read. One day, when we were almost through with The Good Earth, he asked me to play a game. He wanted me to speak with a Chinese accent. That must have been his thing, because the next thing you know, I was on the floor. He had his cock out and started fucking my mouth with it!

When he finished, he shot his wad for my first facial. I can still remember how warm and gooey it felt. From then on, I couldn’t get enough skull-banging!

My favorite irrumator was our principal, Mr. Lunghi. The summer after I graduated, I temped in the school office. Each Friday, he would call me in for special “dictation”. I guess Old Man Takacs had been singing my praises. I would lock the door before sitting down. Then Mr. Lunghi would come around behind his desk and pretend to be dictating a letter. Before the address was out of his mouth, his pecker was out of his pants. Slapping my forehead with his massive tool, he’d grab my head and start pounding.

Pretty soon, all the male teachers needed special letters typed. By the end of the summer, my chin was sore! All those balls slamming against you will do a number. But the best thing was how smooth my skin was. So I can’t argue with all those women I laugh at. Because there’s nothing like a good facial 😉