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sugar daddy

My sugar daddy is a big thing. He has rented out a whole restaurant for us before. I rarely ever give him the sweets. I love living a lavish lifestyle on other men’s dimes. I don’t care if he’s married or whatever as long as I keep getting paid.

There are benefits to being a foxy lady like myself. I have seen the world and I still want more, it’s never enough. I love using his money to fuck hot men who actually deserve to be touching me. That is the kind of sugar baby I am and men fall right down the rabbit hole. I have exquisite long stems and I do use that and my beauty to my advantage.

Those 16 digits on your credit card are my favorite sex toy!

Since I have been seeing this guy for a bit and he only wants the company or a date for an event. It’s okay for him to take me as my sugar daddy to a dive motel. He admires me and loves taking photos to remember me by. I like teasing him with my nice natural D cup tits and my nice plump ass. It makes me wet when he pulls out that card and he has even flicked it on my clit. He knows he isn’t good enough for me, the fatter your bank account means the wetter I get.

Oh my Sugar daddy, I sure do love…. your wallet!

When we walked into that hole in the wall, it reeked of smoke and stale sex. I flopped on the bed and he told me to close my eyes, I did and when I opened them he had the bed covered in money. There must have been something around the ballpark of 5 grand. I gave him a kiss even though I almost couldn’t stomach it. I don’t mind using a man to get what I want, I could feel myself getting really moist. I played with it and he sat on the bed stroking his cock, he caught the jizz with his mouth. So, who wants to be my next Sugar daddy?