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family fun

This past weekend was my annual family reunion and it was so fucking fun. Lots of crazy things happened but it always does when you have family fun activities. When I first got there I saw I was sharing a room with one of my male cousins, I haven’t seen him in years and he was just laying naked on the bed.

 My jaw dropped to see that big fat cock just laying between his legs. I went over and sat next to him, and he started looking at my tits just out. I know I am there to be the family pleaser as the youngest one there, so I got on my knees and went to the edge of the bed.

Family fun makes my cunt so wet. 

He scooted down and I got between his legs and ran my tongue from his balls to the tip of that fat mushroom head. I opened  my mouth and started deep throating to the point of gagging and spitting all over his fat dick.

 I could feel him vibrate as I went faster and faster until I felt a big warm load explode in the back of my throat. It was so yummy which made me excited to see the rest of the family.

I changed into some sexy black lingerie and went downstairs to  the family fun room and I saw my mommy and daddy playing and I headed straight to my oldest uncle. He has the biggest fattest cock in the family, which makes my little incest cunt so wet. 

I go over and beg for him to bend me over the couch and fuck me as hard as he can. He immediately bends me the fuck over and spits on my cunt and slides it in. I can feel it stretch open because my little cunny hasn’t been fucked for months.

My daddy comes over and starts watching and jerking his cock as his  little girl gets railed by her pervert incest uncle. I can see daddy and I motion him to come closer so I can suck daddy’s cock.
 I want to be spit roasted at my family fun reunion. Doesn’t that make your filthy cock hard? I can be your little niece or your daughter and make sure your pleased and those balls are fucking empty like a good girl I am. Would you want that daddy?