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family fun phone sex

Family fun planning kept me up all night last night. You, my daughter’s husband, were coming over to fix the ceiling fan in my bedroom. I am such a naughty MILF that I’ve wanted you in my bedroom ever since I laid eyes on

you when you were dating my daughter. I couldn’t wait for some family fun playtime.

The doorbell buzzed and I smiled in relief. Letting you in the front door I knew what I had in store for you. My husband was away at work already and I couldn’t wait to have you to myself.

Leading you to the bedroom, I watched your cute little ass as it sauntered in front of me. Almost as if to say “Hey Here I am come and get me”. We walked into my bedroom and you noticed that I had my radio playing soft sexy music. Complete submission was all mine. As soon as we entered the room I took you and placed my hand against your chest. Pushing you against the bed I had you stumbling and you fell flat on your back. I straddled you and started to kiss you.

Family Fun time always gets me hot and horny!!


My hands making their way down your firm chest I got to the bulge in your pants and started to stroke it. It was hard almost and I knew then that you wanted me too. I unbuttoned your jeans and stuck my hand between the fabric and your warm body. Enclosing my fingers around your hard cock I pulled it out of the pants and started to jerk it off. Feeling the soft skin melt in my hand I heard your breathe catch in your throat. As your warm moist lips parted I stuck my tongue in your mouth and grazed it over yours. Then, I unbuttoned your shirt and started to trail kisses down do your waist.

I acted upon my family fun instincts. After a few minutes of lingering across your abdomen I reached your firm shaft and placed it in my wet mouth. I worship it. Making circles with my tongue I sucked firmly. Within minutes I had you calling out my name and cumming hard down my throat.  Cleaning you up with my tongue I removed my body from yours and let you get dressed. You kissed me on the mouth and told me that you couldn’t wait to fix my dishwasher for me next week. Do you enjoy family fun as much as I do?