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family fun

I’m at home for the summer and enjoying in whole lot of family fun. There is nothing better in this world than father love. I have always been Daddy’s little princess but now I am his naughty princess. Playing with him has never been so much fun.

All us girls at school made a pact to show our daddies all the nasty things we learned at school this year. It was easy to get Daddy in my bed. I walked around the house in very little clothing for a couple of days. I flashed my bald little cunnie at him every chance I got.

In no time I had my father in my bed with his big cock in my mouth and his head buried between my legs. The priests taught us family love was sinful sex, but it felt so good, I was willing to do whatever penance I had to. I craved Daddy’s cock and I was going to enjoy it, no matter the cost.

Family fun is the best kind of love there is.

What I didn’t count on when seducing Daddy was that my dirty uncle would be coming around for some family fun too. Seems my dad couldn’t stop himself from sharing our secret. Since Uncle didn’t have any little girls of his own, my father thought I should spread the love to him. Of course, I would do anything to make him happy.

So Daddy and Uncle come to my room together. My uncle pulls his cock out and I am surprised because it is the biggest cock I have ever seen. I am anxious to get that huge piece of meat in me. Daddy and uncle spend hours in my room going back and forth with me. It was clear this was not the first time they had shared a girl for family fun.

I was already ecstatic about spending the summer with Daddy. Now I know between the two of them, I am going to get all the family fun love I can handle! I wonder if there are any other family members my father is going to want to share me with?