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family fun
My sister and I are both big Daddy’s girls and we love family fun. On Spring Break from school, Daddy surprised us with a trip to the water park. Being the naughty girls that we are, we tempted him with our bikini-clad bodies on the whole ride there.

The thought of having family fun with my sexy sister and handsome Daddy had my young cunt wet. If I were a more conservative girl the damp spot in my bikini bottoms would embarrass me. Of course, being the little slut I am, I didn’t care who knew how much my father turned me on. Since we were away at school it had been months since I had been able to have Daddy-daughter fun. My body craved my Daddy’s touch. The priests at school are fun and naughty, but nobody would ever compare to my Daddy.

We finally got to the water park and I knew it was time for family fun.

When we got there we went down the water slides and did all the other regular family activities. We finally made it to the wave pool where I could start having the kind of naughty family fun I wanted. In the pool, my sister and I both started rubbing against Daddy’s bulge. With all the waves splashing around us, we could actually have public sex and nobody would be able to tell. Daddy fingered both our hot cunts under the water and we stroked his cock. There were people all around us. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning out loud when he filled my horny cunt with his big cock. He fucked us both good and hard right there in the pool.
We had lots of naughty family fun over the next several hours. We were among the last to leave the water park that day. Daddy came into the ladies shower room with us. He rewarded us for being such good Daddy’s girls with one of his glorious golden showers. I love having Daddy’s warm piss rain down on my face and body. It turned me on so much, we had to go another round in the shower before leaving. This time I was able to get a taste of my sister’s sweet cunt while Daddy fucked me from behind. That was the best day ever!