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FamilyFamily kink arousal, so taboo it is tremendously good for you baby face pervert. On my last blog I wrote about this baby face darling jerking off on a doll face. Seeing and hearing him he looks like an angel, with a filthy streak.

When he tells me of his secret fetish, I always perk. Listening to him talk about the love of his life, my clit gets hard. Darling has the hots for his much older sister, and to me, I would love to watch.
Watching is only a small portion of what I want. Going balls deep with an audience, is priceless.

Family grinding.

Tonight, like any other time we speak, he longs to please me. Being as wild as he is, I can pick any subject. Anyone can make him jerk, I like to make him jerk in deviant taboo fashion. Tonight after I had left, he sweet talked the dispatcher into hitting me up. So he could tell me how he enjoyed my blogs, and how he enjoys my mind edging his.
Since he is pleasing me, I decided he would have to cum in a room he had never came in before. Plus, I wanted something of his sisters, something she gave him. Something completely no sexual. When he went digging he found a birthday card with her writing. So cute, I kept looking at the words I love you while he sprinkled the card with cum.
Spanking his dick, like a family loving bad boy with me taunting him. Telling him to fuck his sisters throat in his fantasies. Asking him what her eyes look like as he takes his dick into the back of her throat I could see his eyes lighting up. His fingers slipping in his ass, and a little laugh as I told him his sister would bend him over for being a horn dog.
Seeing her big family tits slamming against his back, while she pulled his ass hole tight against her strap on. Spanking his ass at the same time for being a horny little dick spanker. How very badly that would make him cum for me on command.Cum he did all over her writing, the card she took so long to select, and over the top of the panties in the room he had never came in. A room that was so taboo itself, such a tiny family marvel.