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family sex stories

Family sex stories are some of my favorite I have to share. There is a multitude of all kinds of my family from daddy to grandma and cousins. One that I am going to talk about involves my first love ever my dad. It’s starting to get hot out and all the girls starting dressing like dirty little sluts. With tiny cut off skirts and ribbed tanks that expose hard protruding nipples. Those nipples are so pink and beautiful. Every now and then I like to go home and check on my first fuck.

Daddy always has a smile on his face when I come by for some family sex stories.

Not knowing if he was home at this particular moment. I walked in and was asking for him by name. Creeping around his big empty house, he lives like a bachelor. I went upstairs and starting looking through his closet. For old time sakes, I dress up in his shirt that looks like a dress on me. Lying down on his bed and sprawling out with my legs spread nice and wide, this makes me giggle. I need daddy here so I can get myself off with some family sex stories.

My giggling gets more intense. Feeling this light brushing up against my inner teen thigh. Moaning, feeling my pigtails bouncing. Flipping over and seeing daddy, he whispers ” my sweet princess “. Grabbing and pulling my tails out. With his soft lips pressing against mine. The other hand spreading my smooth thighs apart even more. This isn’t where I want to fuck my daddy, I want to go out by the pool as I get deeper into family sex stories. Loving to digress and give him what he wants, he scoops me up and takes me outside.

Love being daddy’s princess outside by the pool!

Laying me down on the wicker chair. He pulls that massive cock out like he did the first time he has me suck it. I still remember having my little pink cotton panties on with that tiny little bow on the top of the band. Wearing one of his shirts so oversized you can only see one of the little legs. He rubs that joystick on my lips pulling the shirt off slow down my shoulders. He moves his kisses to the tops of my shoulders and spirals his fingertips around my nipples.

Moaning he starts rubbing that cock up against my lips like an Australian kiss. Pulling him close to me, I almost climax on him. His balls are getting full from his favorite princess. I will do anything daddy tells me to do. If you like family sex stories like this or others. Let’s do a session and you have some of your own you want to explore with me. I love the taboo and wicked so let’s get a hot Coed phone sex session going tonight. Can’t wait for you to hear the nasty filth that will explode from my lips.