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feeder fetish

Watching some cam girls the other night. A page popped out at me and there is a robust woman eating. These guys are in here for what called a feeder fetish.

The fatter she is the more guys are getting aroused by this. They sit and watch her eat copious amounts of food. Jiggle her belly and make this flubber sound. This is a strange fetish to me, but, it would be nice to eat whatever you want. I don’t want to be obese like them. Guys are jacking off to this and some have a helper.

Have you heard of this kink?

It is hard to take your eyes away almost like a train wreck. Looking it up the word feeder came up. The bigger they get the more money they make and the more guys want to fuck them. One of the streams has a huge woman with a man pouring syrup down her throat. He then takes waffles and shoves them in. He is loving on her rolls and kissing with some tongue in her belly button. Saying that it’s a turn on when she doesn’t shower.

Can you imagine the stench of the sweat in the rolls? She also has a butt that is so big it droops and looks like pussy lips. Can you get off to this? Being an enabler to the feeder fetish and getting hard as she eats. Hearing the crunch of the food and the squirt of the ketchup package. Some women eat three pies and that is a dessert. Going through the cam sitings, there is a stream. I see a woman getting fucked as she rubs Hershey syrup on her breasts down to her stomach that hangs.

How did this feeder fetish become about?

Her stomach is hanging over her thighs and her companion has to hold it up. She is devouring food faster and faster. Demands coming across with tips. These guys are tipping large amounts to watch her get fatter. There are thousands of people watching. Can you imagine how many guys are into this feeder fetish? This is more than likely something that someone keeps under wraps. Are you among the many men who enjoy this? I want to hear about and it and how it became part of your spank bank. Bring me into your world of strange desires.