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My first BBC was an ass opener. I love anal, don’t get me wrong, but not by a monster cock, or so I thought. When he said opps, he missed the spot, I knew he was lying.

“You fucker!”
I swear his cock got harder when he stuck it in my asshole. I was screaming, and he was laughing as that beast slammed its way into my tight little anal cavity. My pink walls stretch around his massive member, the head felt like he was punching the pit of my stomach. I love anal, but this was brutality against my back door. It reminded me of when the cops battering ram down a wall.
Gripping my hips, his cock slammed deep into the hot spot, plunging my pooter with his crank shaft. Once the pain wore off, I fucking loved it. My husband never fucked me like this. He’s more the romantic type and worries I will cry. This man made it his mission to make me scream.
Pushing back the moment the pain subsided, I was in full orgasmic bliss. If you’ve never had analgasm, your missing out. It’s a full body volcano eruption.

Only a BBC can give me pain/pleasure/ and release all at the same time.

His cock pulled from me, forcing me to take that dick in my mouth. I don’t go ass to mouth, well not till now. Tasting my ass, his precum, and sweat from his balls, I shook from need. He pulled out, came on my face, and wiped his nut sac over my forehead. Damn!
BBC might not be for everyone. When you get a man who knows how to take your white existence to a new level, you will become addicted. I know I will be calling my stud for round two of black dick.