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My husband and I experienced the strangest date with this other couple last night. An evening I had intended to be quite modest turned into a hot and nasty Foursome experience I won’t soon forget!

My hubby had met the man at work a few weeks ago, and they hit it off right away. Within a week, they were golfing together at the local club like old pals. He came home that night, giddy to tell me about something his new best friend Tom had mentioned. He and his wife were swingers! She loved watching him bury his thick piece of meat into a hot girl, and he adored seeing her get pounded like a whore! They only had one rule. All four of them had to play in the same room, together, so no one would get jealous.

As he told me this story, I noticed his cock throbbing from the mere idea of having a Foursome. Our sex was not vanilla by any means, but we had yet to invite another person into our bedroom. We had spoken of it during sex before, fantasizing about another as he shoved all nine inches of himself into me. He longed to see my mouth wrapped around another man’s penis, choking and gagging as he fucked my face. Hearing him talk like that always made my tight pussy squirt.

My foursome was going to be intense.

The night we all planned to meet, we had only intended upon a simple dinner. I have to admit, though, that the moment they entered the restaurant, her big boobs caught my attention. They were bulging out of the top of her red, strapless cocktail dress. Almost every head turned when she danced towards us in her six-inch heels, looking like the perfect MILF! Her husband was handsome in his own right, wrapping long, strong arms around me in a welcoming embrace. Despite myself, thoughts of us having a Foursome that very night crept into my horny mind.

Dinner had a thick layer of sexual tension looming the entire meal. I struggled to keep myself from squirming against the cool metal seat. The other couple kept placing gentle touches against our shoulders, knees, and hands. My husband kept tugging on the collar of his shirt, sweating from the sexy interactions. When the meal was over, they invited us to their house for drinks to continue the fun, as they put it. I looked at my husband, and our eyes met with a smirk. We knew if we went over, this Foursome was for sure going to happen.

“We would love to!” I said with a grin.

I bet you can guess what happened next! Want to have some naughty fun? Give me a call and tell me about your threesomes and foursomes!