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Since my Husband works construction, every year, we attend the town Labor Day Festival. It’s a day to show appreciation for all the awesome local labor workers and their families. He always looks forward to the free food, the kids love the games and bounce houses, and I get to enjoy all the hot guys!

This year, the weather is extra steamy, so all the girls are wearing super skimpy outfits, including me. My tube top required me to skip the bra, so my perky tits jiggle as we walk around to the different tents. I also borrowed one of my teen daughter’s tiny denim skirts so complete my naughty MILF look! My husband loves for me to dress sexy so he can show me off to all his work buddies and make them jealous.

Can you blame him?

The younger kids have been in the bounce house for a while, and don’t seem like they want to leave. So, my hubby and I tell our oldest to keep an eye on them while we go explore a little more. He slips a hand into the back pocket of my skirt, cupping my fat ass while all the tired looking mothers stare in envy. A few of them smack their Husbands for staring at my long legs and cleavage a little too long!

I begin to notice my Husband’s cock getting harder and harder in his shorts the more he notices men looking at me.

I begin to get a dirty idea when I see a family restroom right inside one of the buildings. Telling him I need to touch up my makeup and drag him inside with me. As soon as he shuts the door, I push him against the public bathroom wall. My hands begin fumbling with his pants as I kiss down his neck, enjoying his shock at the spontaneous act!

Sinking to my knees, I look up at him with my big eyes, licking my lips as I pull out his thick dick. In one gulp, I swallow him into my mouth, gagging like a good little wife for my sexy Husband. He closes his eyes and groans, enjoying the sloppy blowjob. Right as he is about to cum in my mouth, the door opens. We forgot to lock it! In walks one of his buddies and his wife, both giggling. They freeze when they see us, but only for a moment, before locking the door and giving us evil grins.

Want to know what happened next at the Labor Day Festival? Let’s have some kinky holiday phone sex and let me tell you all the filthy details!