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A fantasy that is intriguing to me is a giantess fantasy. I like lying back and thinking about the power that has in its self.

Picture me about 80 feet tall, roaming about with a skirt on. Sexy high heels on and my tank top that is low cut. Stomping about in a city, looking inside all the rooms to the buildings even waving at some guys jerking it. Looking around at what building looks like the perfect dildo. Some guys get turned on thinking about a woman that can devour him like a snack.

A giantess is quite the man-eater to not disturb.

In my fantasy, there is a cute pink building that I squat over the top of lifting my skirt. Not wearing any panties feeling the tip of the building rub against me. I make a moan that shakes the city like an earthquake. It would be fun to be able to find someone to do some good ass eating, slide up in there without tickling me. Seeing the cute guy that pokes up and looks up my skirt, I pick him out of his window. He is miniature in size.

I put him down between my breasts and dance around a little. Pulling him out and stomp around the city more with him in my hand. He is saying something but I can’t hear. He pulls out the megaphone and continues to talk and it sounds like a muffled low pitch sound. I am feeling so horny in my giantess fantasy. Trying not to squeeze him, I see him pull out his tiny dick. Putting him on the top of a building and stepping back. I let him look up and down my body with him jerking it harder.

Giggling and twirling around in the air, I need to be careful not to throw him off the top. He is so wet from watching my giant feet in my heels and seeing me almost crush a town. Flipping my skirt up and teasing him with my long, strong legs. He can’t help but release a huge load. Putting him back after licking it up slow. He goes into his place and finds his bed for a nap. I love this fantasy and if you have an interest in this. Let us get together and ask for delicious Giantess Devon.