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father's day

Every year on Father’s Day, I prepare the biggest present for my hubby. I go out and find naughty little sexy outfits for our twin girls, making sure they are tight and lacy.

You pretend to act surprised every single year as I walk you up the stairs with a velvet blindfold over your eyes. You feign shock as I remove the thin material, leaving you to stare at our two tiny daughters on the bed. Giving me a massive French kiss, sucking my tongue before whispering a big thank you into my ear.

They are both in the submissive pose you taught them. Their tight bottoms sticking up in the air, their heads laying down on the bed, facing each other. Your clothes are off in record time as you crawl up the bed towards their beckoning bodies. Instructing them each to pull their panties to the side, you dive in face first and begin munching. Their bald cunt lips so sweet against your probing tongue. You take turns finding their puffy clits and sucking them into your mouth. Drool trickles down the insides of their milky smooth thighs, making my own cunt drip with lust.

I shove two fingers inside of myself as I watch you enjoy your Father’s Day.

Once satisfied with your meal, you get up on your knees. The perfect princesses turn around, precious mouths inches from your throbbing cock. Placing a hand on the back of either of their heads, you push them towards you. They know the routine well, and one engulfs the head of your dick into her mouth. The other one dips her head underneath you and sucks your balls into her hot mouth. You push their faces into your privates, humping their petite faces. Their big eyes looking up at you is too much, and you tilt your head back, groaning as you shoot cum all over our offspring.

It’s no wonder Father’s Day is your favorite holiday! Let’s have some dirty phone sex so you can imagine what else you would do to the little whores.