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girl next door
I am your average girl next door. Sometimes I surprise men with my outrageous flirting. Since I look so sweet and innocent, they don’t expect the bold and sassy things that come out of my mouth. They are especially shocked when I flash my panties or bare cunnie at them.
My sweet and innocent girl nextdoor appearance sure does come in handy. Being a young teen in pigtails, women hire me to babysit all the time. They don’t find me threatening in the least. If they only knew how many of their husbands I have wrapped around my finger, I would never get hired by a female again! I love flirting with all the baby’s daddies when Mommy is away. I have a reputation with the daddies that gets me hired over and over. All I have to do is flash my pink frilly panties and bat my long eyelashes, and I am sure to get a huge tip for my services.

The daddies all say this girl next door is a big cock tease.

One day one of the daddies had a talk with me about my sweet innocent girl next door act. He warned me that my crazy flirting was going to get me into trouble one day. After months of my flirting with him, he decided to show me what kind of trouble I was starting. He pulled out his cock to show me what kind of effect I have on men. It was the biggest dick I had ever seen. Before he could finish his sentence, I had my young mouth wrapped around that big sausage. I started sucking it like an all-day sucker. It didn’t take him long to figure out I was not a tease at all because I spent the whole afternoon pleasing his big cock.
That daddy must have told the whole block about my talents. Now I get more babysitting requests than ever. I keep my girl next door appearance to fool the mommies, but all the daddies know now I am not a cock teaser. Hence, I am a cock pleaser.