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girl next door

I’m the girl next door type to the neighbors across the street in my small town.  I love to dress very sexy. I like to wear tight tops to show the curves of my big tits. Tight jeans to show off by big ass in pantyhose in nice thigh highs, stockings and high heels.

I go to a co-ed college. I have two best friends that I spend the most time with friends their names are Sasha and Brittany.  We like to go out on the weekends. During our spare time and go to lingerie shops. This is our favorite past time and it helps to get us from the stress and fast pace of college life.  We like silk, lace, and satin, and of course cotton because we like squatting.

What we like to do is go into the dressing room and try things on. Compare outfits and what looks sexy and what we should buy.  Sometimes the sales girl comes in to offer help if we need help. She wants to get a quick feel of our big tits and ass and to see if she can get a quick look.

Sometimes the girl next door is very naughty.

Were adjusting each others corsets and bras to get a better feel of the fit or to get a better feel of each other. We were so very horny and vulnerable knowing that we were in a semi public place. Could risk them catching us to heighten the intensity. We could not take our hands off of each other. We’re cock lovers but we were so turned that Brittany grabbed me from my long hair and kissed me. It was hard and Sasha pinched Brittany’s clitoris.

We all kneel to the floor and we started ripping each others bras and panties off.  Sasha and I tied Brittany’s wrists together over her head with her pantyhose. We ripped off her and after struggling for a few minutes she submitted to our advances.  Sasha held her down on the floor and I held her legs up over my shoulders. She was enjoying every bit of being gang banged as her tight swollen pussy was dripping wet.

I had to open this whore up with 3 of my fingers before I fisted this bitches cunt. She moaned and screamed in sheer delight as her body bucked and shook as she came and squirted in waves.

Girl next door and her friends.

Sasha sat on Brittany’s face. She let out a loud scream and moan as Brittany bit her swollen sensitive clitoris. She ate her pussy like a hungry dog.  Good girls gone bad in a compelled bi encounter in public.

I used all my strength to thrust my fist in Brittany’s wet swollen pussy that it made her body rock with every motion. As Brittany was compelled to endure Sasha’s face sitting. Sasha let out a loud scream when she came. Ripping a river of cum in Brittany’s mouth, she gagged and chocked on her juice and swallowed it in ecstasy.