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girl next door
Naughty Girl Next Door would shock you. I have the worst issues in my school! Most of the girls and boys do nothing but make fun of me!! They make fun of how I dress, and they joke at me in how I tend to be smarter than they are.



Well, I cannot help it you see I am the youngest in a very large family. And as such, I have kind of taken in their psychedelic ways. I mean I have supported them for a long time, becoming the real Naughty Girl Next Door!


Things like helping keep mom and dad from smelling them smoking MJ in our room! They would make me stand by the door waving an album back and forth to keep the speed of MJ while they blow the smoke out the window. Anything to fit in with them. But sadly, I do not fit in with those at school.


I recently saw as my neighbor’s wife was leaving. She was going out of town to visit her parents in another state. I have seen how her husband looks at me, watched over at me when I play in the yard. I thought well, I want to see what he thinks of me. So, I dressed up in a very sexy red dress with high heels and red lipstick that I know from what I have heard he Loves!


It was time to see what real sex and love were like! If I could not get those in school to like me well then, I would get the man next door to do just that!! And I wanted to cum for the very first time! Once I arrived at his door, he’s stunned at how I looked. I asked if I could come in and speak with him. I began to cry as he held me and gave me such wonderful affection. He then asked what was wrong, I told him what was going on at school, he could not believe it! He told me I was gorgeous, he also could not believe that I never had sex before. But I assured him that I’m a Virgin!


I didn’t have to beg much for him to do what I need, to have sex for the very first time with a man much older than I! It was the best sex ever! I cannot wait to see him again, and I will stay hush, hush! So that his wife and my parents will never know! What do you say, do you need a young girl like me to be Naughty and into Extreme Age Play Fun! Then cum get it on, with your truly Naughty Girl Next Door!