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The Best Phone Sex Slut Alexis

Some girls are born to be housewives, but not this woman. I have always been the center of attention, and one who knows how to drive a man to his knees with a smile alone. Sugar Baby, fuck no. I am the Queen, and when this finger beacons you forth, don’t make me wait. There will always be someone ready to take your place.

Beauty pageants were how the younger years went. I will never forget those Miss Manners classes that my Mother compelled me to endure. She thought it would look good on paper. I learned which fork went to a dish, how to greet a Man, and most of all, how to stroke a cock. Yes, there is the sloppy way, and the proper way.

A decent young woman does it with class, and God forbid, we do not get it on our nails. Manicures are expensive, and even when stroking a cock, you must do it with class.

“Wrap your hand around the base Alexis. Stretch those fingers around tight. It will help you with piano later. Grip it, that’s a good girl. Now, moved that hand up to the rim, not the head. We don’t want him to pop too soon, do we?”

The secret classes were always my favorite. I guess you can already tell that I am a whore, but not a normal one. I am extraordinary! Boys love me, and Men crave me, but it’s actually only one thing that gets my full attention. Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. The scent of plastic is the best aphrodisiac for a woman like me. I often dream of your bank account, and how much it would cost to slip that dick inside of me. Better grab the one with the biggest limit for that. Whoever said Money can buy love, never met me.

Now then, I have a little secret, and I know I shouldn’t tell, but, I trust you. I love a few bad things. Ones that I am too good for. Throat fucking, Painful Anal, Choking, Wallet draining, and even, shhhh, golden showers.

Come explore phone sex with the kind of woman who knows how to take you to a level you didn’t even know existed.