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The Best Phone Sex Slut Annaleigh

Hot and Naughty, nothing is more attractive than a woman who isn’t afraid to submit to her slut side. I want to introduce myself. I’m Annaleigh, your 26 year old wet dream. I overheard some boys whispering when I walked by that I could bring a dead man back to life. No joke. This naughty party girl is better than Viagra, and twice as expensive. It takes a well-padded bank account to keep me from straying. Remember that money can buy happiness.

Since the moment I could walk, there was no stopping me. Sneaking sips from drinks at my parents parties, to lap dances for movie money. Learning to be a bad girl was so much easier than I thought. During my last year of school, I took on a summer job. Money was tight in my family, and though I never wanted for anything, greed came over me.

Stripping on the weekends, they would call it babysitting, I called it Daddy Daycare. This is where I learned to be a real party girl. My secret stash of clothing hid in the car, I changed the moment I left the house. Poker games, bachelor parties, and birthdays were my specialties. Though a stripper was good money, being a little slut paid so much more. Whoever said there was no happy ending to a show lied. For a large tip, I will always give you a grand finale!

Single and ready to mingle, there are some little phone sex sessions I love. Though I do them all, you will always get my pussy wet when you ask for special ones. Party girl, Sloppy blow jobs, ATM/wallet draining, Guided shopping trips, Glory hole gang bangs, and Hardcore Anal. I’m already drenched thinking about all these.

Phone sex with a naughty Party girl sounds so cliche. When I whisper all my sultry and devious desires, you’ll be begging to pop. Not so quick cowboy. A girl has needs too. I want to you to hear what a real woman sounds like when she cums. Let me moan, scream, and beg for you. I’ll be waiting on the other side of the line.