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The Best Phone Sex Slut Chase

Everyone knows that when you are a Sorority girl, you have to be one of the biggest sluts on campus. Bingo! Welcome to the best house on campus and the one with the nasty slut Chase. I came to college a virgin, but rush week took care of that little problem.

All the girls who were pledging got sent out on a treasure hunt. The first pledge back with a cum fill condom won the contest. Sick? It was, but the guy at the Frat houses loved it. Nothing like scoring with a Frat guy the first night out, but how about a Professor? That’s who took my candy ring. I was on my way back to the house when every ones favorite Psychology teacher stopped me.

He told me he could help, and that he always did what he could for the girls of my house. Why not? He seemed like he knew what he was doing, and he already had condoms with him. I got my virginity taken in the back of a security golf cart, but I didn’t win the challenge. Who cares when your first dick is 10 inches and thick as a coke can? You can blame him for me being a size queen now.

I love when the cocks are too big, and the guys look at me like they could slaughter a pussy with one stroke into a cunt. Nope. I might be a pretty little girl, but I love when the pain comes and my sweet pussy stretches. A good girl stays quiet and takes it, a slut screams and fucks that cock right back.

I love it nasty, but do have a few things I like more. Anal sex, rough sex, teacher/student, huge cocks, sexfantasies, and humiliation. Don’t worry and think that is all I want. I love when you take me to a new fantasy and make me crave you like a drug. End the journey and call and ask for Chase.