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The Best Phone Sex Slut Desi

I am the Mistress before all Mistresses. I am the real deal, Hot Mistress Desi! Once you speak with Me, you will be in awe of the sweet nectar of Desiree. With me you will experience the most pleasurable and passionate adventures you’ve ever had!  Mild to wild, sensual to sadistic; am I your hardcore Mistress or seductive vixen? I do know I’ll be your newest addiction.

I am everything you will ever need, crave, or desire. I WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD. Are you ready to play? I’ll listen with a smile as you scream My name in ecstasy. Owning you, heart and mind, body and soul, I am the culmination of your every fantasy.

No man can tame Me, though many have tried. I’m unleashed, untamed, wild and ready to handle anything you think you’re man enough to give. CBT is my passion. Moan in pleasure whilst I test the limits of your pain. Beg for the honor of feeling My strap-on ream the depths of your soul.

Crave Me as I dominate your every fiber. Scream and moan as I plunge into you again, and again, and again, stealing any shred of human dignity you possess. Watch helplessly as your spirit gushes forth, spilling onto My boots and beg Me for the chance to lick them clean. Grovel at My feet, feel My loving crop as I make My mark upon you. You are MINE!

There are no rules in My games. Anything goes as my tawdry mind weaves any fantasy you desire, no matter how dark. The more forbidden, the more I am enticed. My favorite past time is catering to every fetish known to mankind. They vary wildly, as do I. I adore compelled intox roleplay, using poppers, or any other “enhancement” of your choice; let me fuck your mind up. Let’s hit it. I’ll not only help you face your demons, I’ll bring them to you.

My devious mind will weave any taboo fantasy you desire, no matter how dark. Yes, even there. I know what you fantasize about at night. That sweet angel sleeps down the hall from you. Your wife would kill you if she could read your mind. Yes, let’s go there.

Utilizing erotic hypnosis I will push you. Use that if you need an excuse for what we’re about to do. My methods of immersion phone sex therapy will open every door in your psyche. I’m the extreme age play phone sex companion that you’ve been searching for. I am Desi. Your search for perfection ends here.