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The Best Phone Sex Slut Lola
“She grew up with the children of the stars. In the Hollywood Hills and the Boulevard.”

Welcome to the world of Gypsy. Born into the world of peace, love, and sex, she lives for the moment. A free-spirited hippy, she was born and raised on the beaches of Southern California, and never left. Born to nudists’, the life became second nature to the young girl. Have you ever thought about living in a place where clothing was optional and sex encouraged? I can tell you a few secrets, but you have to promise me you will never tell a soul. My form of Coed might shock some, but I assure you, you will stroke your cock the moment you hear my voice. I am the teen temptress who will always bring you back for a second.

A daddy’s girl at heart, but if we’re honest, I play just as well with my mother. I was home schooled all my life, and sex education a big part of the experience. The first time I had sex, my family wanted to be there to celebrate the experience with me. He was an older man, but Mama hand-picked that dick just for me. She said only the best for her little girl, and boy was she right. After my first shot of cum, Daddy donated one to me as well. God, I love my family fun times.

Are you ready to play with the most uninhibited girl on the internet? Everyone needs a Gypsy in their life, and it’s just your luck to find the nastiest coed to drain your secret desires. Oh yeah, and your cock. I am spreading the love today and making all the perverts explode. No limits to hinder our time together, but make sure to bring all those kinky dreams to your newest favorite playmate.