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The Best Phone Sex Slut Jackie

Mama Jackie has arrived. You’ve never met a woman quite like me. Older and wiser, I love taking care of all you dirty boys. Mamahood has giving me a sort of nurturing personality. The moment my husband leaves to work, all the boys come over to play. I have a little something to admit though. I love the BBC the best.

Big, black, and nasty, those Men love a white woman who can’t break when fucking. So many of those skinny little white girls cry and tell them to stop. No me though. I even take the dick straight up my ass. Give the head a spit shine and shove it all home. I am a screamer, so beware. I am a bitch in heat, and your dick will make me howl.

The first time I cheated, I didn’t get caught. The second time though, he was balls deep inside my pussy when my husband walked in. Dropping his briefcase on the floor, I was on the cusp of my biggest orgasm ever. No one could stop that one from rolling through my body. Even my lover didn’t stop till I came.

I had to explain to my husband that I came with baggage, and he would either have to deal with it, or leave. I am still married, and now he loves for me to call him at the office when I’m fucking. At first it was a phone call and he would beat off in the bathroom, but now he says I have to pay a cumming tax.

I didn’t realize I was making him a cuckold, but he loves to come home and eat my fresh fucked pussy before dinner. No matter how many loads of man junk gets buried in my honey hole, he eats me raw. When he’s gobbling up black loads though, I have to beg him to stop.

Some of my favorites are: Gangbang, Family fun, Mature, Cuckold, MILF, Roleplay, and interracial. If I don’t have what you need, it doesn’t exist. Ask for Jackie.