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The Best Phone Sex Slut Jolene

Getting married never stopped me. In fact, I think my sex life has gotten so much wilder since he slipped the ring on my finger. His might be lacking, but every time he goes out of town, this naughty Mama gets all her needs taken care of. Since the wedding night, till now, I have been a cheater. I wondered why the best man insisted my husband get drunk at the reception. It was so he could give me my personal present.

My groom went to bed and I get fed. Cock after cock that night. All the groomsmen and the best man gave me a night to remember. I blame them for turning me into a naughty little sex fiend. I will always blame them for making me a wanton whore. 

This naughty MILF does anything and everything that makes me feel good. I can be the MILF next door. Your best friend’s Mom. You know the one who you can’t stop thinking about. Perhaps you are looking for something a little more taboo. Maybe you are looking to keep Mommy satisfied while Daddy is away? Nothing is too kinky for this MILF and nothing is off limits.

I love playing the woman next-door you dream about. Being the woman that the neighborhood boys can’t get enough of? That’s me.  Teasing their young cocks by strutting around my yard in my daisy duke’s and tiny tank top, hells yeah. When I see the boys sneaking a peek at my long legs and big DD all natural tits, it makes me tingle with delight. I know I’m on their horny little minds when they go to bed at night. I always leave the back door unlocked just in case one of them drops their balls and decides to come over. I have a special place in my heart for the young ones. 

I’m well known for being the kinkiest MILF around. There are many other fetishes that get me wet including: AB/DL, Underage Fantasies, Mom and Son naughty role plays, Neighborhood Tease, Loving Mommy, Diaper Play, GFE, Toilet Play, Oral, Anal, Toys, Blackmail, Sissy Training, Family Fun and companion Play.