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The Best Phone Sex Slut Lita

Lusty little Lita, I’m the freak on demand. Since the first time I found out that I could wrap the world around my slender little finger, I’ve never stopped. I’ve always said I was old enough to know better, but young enough to not give a fuck. Fetish and fantasies are my business, and the moment my eyes open, so does my dirty little mind.

I’m the little Goth girl with the blue hair, the one that has a mind that scares even the Devil. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the sick and twisted side of phone sex. For me it started when I was a teenager, and my boyfriend took me to a club. One that specialized in making men feel right at home on a leash. My boyfriend put on the collar, handed me the leash, and a star was born.

Walking him through the club, he barked, panted, and even pissed on a leg. All was the first time I had ever seen the other half live. We all know what dogs do when in heat. My pooch got mounted right on stage. I figured out that night how much power a strap-on holds. Big, red, and nasty, I broke the cherry on my boyfriend and dumped him the same night. I can’t date a dog, but I can adopt one as a pet.

I am not a Dominate, but neither am I a submissive. I am a total freak who loves it all. Some play kinkier. A few of my favorites are body fluid exchange, scat, water sports, vomit, rough sex, choking, gagging, and strap-on play. I have an 11 inch meanie that loves to play ass darts in the dark with a little help from glow in the dark paint.

No limits, not taboos, Lita does it all. If you feel the need to walk down a path of straight and narrow, look over at the bubble gum girls. Though when you need something your Mama warned you about, call and ask if Lita can come out and play!