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The Best Phone Sex Slut Lynn

Whispering in your ear keeps you faded off my potion. It keeps you coming back for more than a nibble, no matter how vanilla or spicy kink you take your stroking

A Goddess by design my dear daddy sent me here for you to get a little taste of what was so divine to mere mortals, it was kicked from heaven. When I wrap my heart shaped lips around your mind I suck your cock into spasms with my imaginative creative. Story telling has always been a passion, any taboos, any topics… Because personally I have not one taboo when it comes to anything you can dream. 

Now that I have your attention, welcome to my emporium of taboo filth. Behold the babbling brook of bald pussy beauties. The tasteless strap on’s are for all my pets, and my den of torture is for all men in need of satanic ritualistic passion. This succubus, vampire Mistress will drain your cock while I paint you a picture of the taboo you have never even admitted you crave. Call it cock reading and it is an art, you really deserve to see in motion.

This voodoo Mistress will enchant you with more than a honey kissed tongue and leave you spell bound… What else could a 5’11 135 lb. blonde with wolf blue eyes, 23 inch waist, and 36 inch hips do but transfix you?

Qualms on sexuality are limited to you only sugar. As much as I love to be your demonic companion, I enjoy being a sensual man’s girlfriend experience come true. Daddies delight in my sweet young voice and my endless mind full of wicked treasures. 

Let’s knock down your boundaries, bulldoze your conventional methods. Your cock has been yours for years, for just one session how about I take control during a guided masturbation call where I tease you with my trophy assets. Being arm candy is what all sugar daddies need, but not every man, meets my standards… I am a selective lady… I take what I please.

Sissy slut dollies in need, who better to train you than a size queen Mistress who demands the best of her cuckolds and bulls? Zoo freaks looking for a knot, only call if you like your panting done hot, with rocket cock. Cannibals, why dine alone when you can join a Queen on her throne and never fear I enjoy getting dirty during our hunting phone sexcapades.

Stepping like a Clydesdale in heels, Honey I march to hell and back to cater to your intoxication needs. Flicking Bics while my tongue spills tricks, keeps your pipe and cock at my pace.

Anything I have not mentioned, bring to me and we can design your flavor together… to savor. From Vanilla Bean to Ice Smoke Dream Down into Crush Fetish Forest. We can get all tangled together honeysuckle… and cause nothing but trouble.

Fantasies I indulge in: Southern Belle Role Play, Goddess Fetish, GFE Role Play, Voodoo Fetish, companion Fantasy, Story Telling companion, Sissy Training Mistress, Lingerie Fetish, BDSM Fetish, Edging Sessions, Guided Masturbation Fetish, CEI Therapy, Size Queen Mistress, Sci-Fi Fetish, Cos Play Fetish, Seduction Fantasy, Body Worship Fetish, Intoxication Fetish, Crush Fetish, Hypnosis Fetish, Latex Fetish and oh so many more.

Our minds are endless…. if it is wicked let’s dance… if it is sweet and simple darling I can rock your cage for days. Are you brave enough to dance with a she devil in the pale moonlight?